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Construction crews rock!

We had opportunities to play new games and learn about other cultures, including Appalachian folk music and we tried Ethiopian food on our trip down to Kentucky.

Morning devotionals on the ball field helped strengthen us for the day’s work. We led a devotional on the parable of the Good Samaritan. Later that night, we presented our rap. (We’re confident it’s gonna go platinum).

After training, we jumped right in to the project! The team did an outstanding job on the project and even started a portion of the next part! All together, over five days, Mt Zion installed base plates, vertical members, access doors, j channels and wooden boards for insulation to be attached to. Wow!

We were never at a loss for company—The homeowner was friendly and so were the chickens, goats, dogs, and the duck.

With great work comes great relaxation! We had a picnic with the other groups and staff on Thursday and then went back to the same park Friday to swim in the water.

We got to know one another, serve our neighbor, and understand God’s word on a deeper level thanks to this wonderful trip. Plus, we all came back home safely with the same number of fingers and toes as when we left!