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The Mt. Zion Outreach Committee has named MICAH as the Mission of the Month for February 2024. This is MICAH’s 35th year since it was started in an effort by seven churches to work for justice. It was an appropriate venture, since justice is a constant theme in the Bible and the word justice alone is used 134 times. Mt. Zion Lutheran Church has the honor of being the first church to join MICAH that was outside of the city of Milwaukee. Currently, there are 38 congregations that belong to MICAH, ten of which are outside of Milwaukee.

The great thing about MICAH is that if you are interested in God’s wish that justice prevail in His world, that you are not limited to just one direction in which His justice should be spread. You can follow His justice by serving in one of more of MICAH’s task forces:

We All Belong – dedicated to fighting the spread of “christian” nationalism.

Education Task Force – dedicated to a good education for all students.

Jobs and Economics Task Force – dedicated to having sustainable jobs for all and for family stability.

Health Equity Initiatives – dedicated to equitable health treatment for all in the Milwaukee area.

COLE – an offshoot of the Health Equity Initiative - dedicated to the elimination of lead poisoning.

Transportation Task Force – dedicated to backing well-designed highways as well as public transport

Transformational Justice Task Force – dedicated to criminal justice reform.

Wauwatosa Task Force – a new task force dedicated to justice issues specifically in Wauwatosa. There are MICAH annual booklets in the gathering space to read about details, talk to an Outreach Committee member or come to church on February 25 and hear Pastor Joe Ellwanger speak. Pastor Ellwanger, who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, is an expert both on justice and MICAH.