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Palm Sunday, April 10

8:30 am Traditional Worship & 10:45 am Contemporary Worship

Why are we waving palm branches and shouting “Hosanna”? The procession at the beginning of Holy Week leads us to the cross of Christ and into the mystery of his passion, as we remember Jesus being joyfully welcomed into Jerusalem. The point of the Palm Sunday procession is not that we close our eyes and imagine that our time and place have disappeared, and that we have gone back to the holy city of Jerusalem back then, but that we open our eyes to see that the holy city – and Jesus – is here, today.  

Maundy Thursday, April 14

6:30 pm Worship

Why do we wash our feet (or hands) during the Maundy Thursday service? Thursday is the night in which Jesus was betrayed, following the washing of the feet of his disciples. He broke the fast of Lent through Holy Communion. Jesus gave us the new command to “Love one another as I have loved you.” Jesus took the role of a lowly servant and washed the feet of his disciples, thus providing an example of how we can serve and care for our neighbors, strangers, family, and friends.  

Good Friday, April 15

3:15 pm Reformation’s Annual Good Friday Neighborhood Walk

Beginning at 3:15 pm, after a brief time of fellowship inside Reformation church at 3806 W. Lisbon Avenue, the walk lasts approximately an hour and concludes back at the church. The walk and church facility and restrooms is wheelchair accessible and is suitable for all ages. Carpooling is a good idea; street parking is available. [Anyone from Mt. Zion interested in carpooling, please meet at the Mt. Zion parking lot at 2:45 p.m.]

Like the stations of the cross, the group will stop at sites in the community that demonstrate signs of despair and transformation. We will read Scripture, and sing and pray together, lifting high the symbol of the cross in our heart of the city neighborhood.  

6:30 pm Worship

The Good Friday worship service is unique for reverencing the cross on the day Jesus was put on trial and crucified. Jesus was lifted up onto the cross in self-giving love for us. On the cross, Jesus defeated sin and death and opened up the way of eternal life. When we look at the cross, we do not see an instrument of death, but the throne on which Christ gives life to the world.  

Easter Sunday, April 24

8:30 am Traditional Worship

10:45 am Contemporary Worship

At the Easter services we shout “Halleluiah!” Butterflies remind us of a new life. This is the morning Jesus rises from the grave and defeats death. The cross will be draped with white fabric or decorated with flowers.

Easter is at the core of belief for the Christian faith. Today Christ is risen, and we gather together with astonishment and joy. Christ is risen, and we have been set free from the bonds of death. Christ is risen, and we are forgiven. Christ is risen, and with the women at the tomb and Peter, we are amazed. Let us rejoice: Christ is risen indeed! Alleluia! (  

Easter Brunch 9:30 – 10:30 am (between services for everybody)

Partake in egg bakes, homemade cinnamon rolls, fresh fruit, juice, tea, and coffee. It will feel wonderful to be together in fellowship again. Come however you are comfortable, masked or unmasked, just to visit or join in the brunch. Whether you’ve helped contribute food or help with set-up, clean-up or serving, we welcome everyone and thank those who made this meal possible. The most important thing is that we celebrate together.  

Children's Easter Egg Hunt 9:30 am & 11:45 am AFTER WORSHIP

The egg hunt will be indoors if wet and muddy, or outdoors if pleasant.  

Children’s Easter Books

All season long

Easter books are available in the library area outside the sanctuary. Browse our selection and check out a book. Then come back and check out another!