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Join Mt Zion in helping New Command Church celebrate the anniversary of their 10th year worshipping in our chapel. "In Korea, 10th anniversary is very important," Pastor Kim told us, "so we wish to share our celebration with Mt Zion." 

We can look back at the years of worshipping God on our campus, most often each at our own separate times and sanctuaries, and savor the special times when we were able to combine our services and worship together.


We remember praying and giving to support New Command’s mission trips to Nicaragua, having a combined praise band playing and singing together, and the excellent meals we shared together, a few with both American and Korean food, but usually, at New Command’s insistence, they generously provided the whole meal, a wonderful variety of delicious Korean food.

We’ve stumbled and laughed at our attempts to say a few words in Korean, with all our words being outshined by our smiles.

Mt Zion combined worship at 9:30 outside

On Sunday August 7 at 9:30 am, Mt Zion will join in our monthly summer outdoor service with communion. Mark Schroeter, our new organist, will be joining us for the first time. Mark and Danielle Lawson, our choir director and contemporary music director, will provide the music. 

Fellowship and decorating after service

After the service, join in fellowship and in preparing our Fellowship Hall for the anniversary luncheon. Help make decorations, or listen to the New Command service, which will be broadcast as we gather.

The New Command celebration service starts in the chapel at 11:00 am. Because of limited space in the chapel, we are asking MZ members to join the service virtually in the Fellowship Hall and then stay for the luncheon, starting about noon.

Luncheon at noon

At noon, after the New Command service, we will enjoy another wonderful Korean luncheon, prepared by New Command. If you missed the joint service and luncheon in May, this is your chance to enjoy the wonderful Korean food so lovingly prepared. 

RSVP before July 13!

So they  can prepare the correct amount of food for their guests, New Command asks us to RSVP by July 13 with the number of people attending the luncheon. You can signup online or call the office.