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Joy in Lent?

That’s not allowed! Or is it? Come to our relaxing midweek services for a taste of joy for supper!

  • Joy in the good times.
  • Joy in sorrow.
  • Misplaced joy.
  • Joy in healing.
  • The joy of Christ.  

Each Wednesday during Lent we’ll gather at 5:30p for a meal, and then at 6:30p, hangout in the Gathering Space for a relaxing worship service.

And by relaxing, I mean not only comfy seating, but also feel free to

  • bring a blanket,
  • grab a hot chocolate,
  • color or write or knit or crochet,

and enjoy an evening together as we worship. Our worship will focus on joy.

At Ash Wednesday services, I encouraged people to practice giving joy as their Lenten discipline. During this service we’ll hear what scripture says about joy, talk about where we’ve experienced joy in our own lives, and practice sharing joy all while we enjoy time with God and one another.  

Because this service will be interactive and conversational, those who want to join online will need to join on Zoom. 

If you’d like to Zoom in, use the following:

Meeting ID: 841 6597 2335

Passcode: 12012