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This Lent, we are inviting the whole congregation to join us in a Lenten practice of composting. “Composting?” you say. “I live in the city; I can’t compost.” Well it’s just not true. Thanks to Compost Crusader, it’s possible.

We encourage everyone to join us this Sunday as Doug and Perrie Dralle lead the adult forum and tell us all about their experience composting for the past few months. They have discovered that with a little guidance, even those of us who do not garden can drastically reduce our waste and, together, help care for the planet. They will be joined by special guest Melissa Tashjian, founders of Compost Crusader. Compost Crusader a small business with the goal of diverting organic material from landfills in Milwaukee by collecting organic waste from schools, homes, restaurants and businesses and transporting it to compost sites in southeastern, WI. Compost Crusader works to create a culture around sustainability by making composting available at home, at work and at school to help instill habit forming behaviors.