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Join our Summer Read-a-thon now, June 4th through September 4th.

Pick up your pizza box reading log in the Gathering Space or the library. Then head to Mt Zion's library and check out some books. Fill out the pizza box with the books you read. Return it to the church office when you're done. Pizza party for ALL who participate!


Water slides, playground slides, and Slip N Slides all make summertime fun. But there’s one “Summer Slide” that’s not as harmless as some might think.

According to The National Educators Association, The American Library Association, Scholastic Books, and more, reading during the summer months is valuable for every child. Research shows children who do not read during the summer slip into the “Summer Slide” - the loss of academic skill largely attributed to the lack of reading, which typically occurs in summer. Reading during the summer can help students maintain and increase their reading skills. Reading will not only help them when they return to school in the fall, but will have a significant impact later in life as they pursue careers, hobbies, and daily activities.

Yet, access to books can drop during the summer months. Not every kid has books in the home or easy access to their local library. The nearest public library from Mt Zion is 2 miles southwest in Elm Grove or 3 miles east on North Avenue in Wauwatosa. Inability to access reading materials can put low-income students in particular risk of losing reading skills. Data shows that the learning gap and achievements at school only widen between wealthy and low–income students as they grow. This can impact adulthood.

These are all reasons Mt Zion wants to support summer reading. The church library can help prevent the Summer Slide and help create equitable opportunities for everyone regardless of income. Mt Zion’s library is free and open to the community. Take books home or sit and read on our comfy couches or squashy pillows in the reading nook! Come in on a Sunday, take the elevator up to the third floor and browse our selection of children's, youth, and adult books. We have chapter books, picture books, board books, books about religious figures and history, human interest collections and Bibles in Manga (a style of cartoon).