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Lenten Giving Cross  

Thank you Mt Zion!! Your gifts via the Lenten Giving Cross totaled $2275, nearly doubling our goal!  That covers the scholarships for EIGHT children to attend Reformation’s Youth Summer Work Program 2022!!!  Thank you so much!

Mission of the Month

So, you say, then why is the Youth Summer Work Program the Mission of the Month for May?  Well, there are other expenses that Reformation needs to cover to give each child a great experience.  Here are two specific ones. 

  • Each summer the kids are taken on a field trip.  This summer they are going to a nature center, so transportation and admission costs must be covered, about $35 per child.  And to ensure that transportation issues don’t keep kids from attending camp, families who need them are given bus tickets to get their children to and from Reformation each day.
  • Lunch is provided every day, as well.  Several partner churches participate in this, each church supplying and serving lunch for a week.  Mt. Zion is one of those churches.  Total cost for a week of food and juice is approximately $400.

End of summer camp program

Mt. Zion also sponsors the end of summer camp program.  It is a celebration of the children’s time together and of their accomplishments.  Here they receive their back packs filled with school supplies for the coming year and some money to help with purchasing school clothing, etc.

Every celebration should include a cake, right?  So that is where Mt. Zion comes in.  We sponsor the purchase of a large sheet cake complete with lots of gooey frosting in fun party colors to make the event even more special. Any of the money you donate to the May Mission of the Month will go to Reformation to use specifically for the Youth Summer Work Program. 

How to give

The more we give, the more the coordinators can focus on the kids in the program and the less they have to worry about how to pay for it.  Use your Mission of the Month donation envelope and note “Reformation Youth” in the memo section of your check, or choose the Mission of the Month option for on-line giving. Whatever you are able to give, know it will go to help a child have an awesome experience this summer.  It will be a positive experience which they can continue to build on.   Thank you for your continued support.

~Andrea Cockerham, Outreach Committee