The center of our community is our worship of God - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We gather every week on the morning of the Resurrection to celebrate the Good News of Jesus Christ, divine reconciliation, and the beginning of the new creation.

Worship is traditionally called a "service". Worship isn't something that is done by just a few leaders with everyone else watching. Instead, worship is an event where the whole community participates, serving one another, helping one another praise God.

We also encourage everyone at worship to volunteer from time-to-time to help with a leadership role. From simply welcoming people as they arrive at worship or helping collect the offering or being an assisting minister or reading as a lector - there is a role everyone can do. Some usher, others sing or play music, and others run our audio/video system. Some setup communion, others count the offering later in the week, and some show up earlier in the week to decorate the sanctuary. No matter who you are, there is a way you can serve the community as we worship.