Become a Member
Make a commitment to choose Mt Zion as your faith community

Interesting in becoming a member of Mt Zion? Talk to the Pastor to find out more!

Or maybe you are part of another faith community but also want to make a dedication to Mt Zion? Just like there are split-homes or shared-homes, split or shared faith communities are common today too. Instead of becoming a full member, you can also be an Associate Member or a Seasonal Member at Mt Zion.

Serve however your faith moves you

You don't have to be a member to volunteer. Our community is made up of many disciples that are also involved in other faith communities. Maybe you'd like to help with Tosa Cares, our partner food pantry. Maybe you are part of a split-faith family but want to help with worship when you're at Mt Zion. Maybe you are just looking for an opportunity to help wherever you can. Talk to our volunteer coordinator, and they will find a place for you to participate in our ministry.